Динаміка мовної норми і проблеми кодифікації

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Лучик, Алла
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У статті пропонуються шляхи вирішення питань, пов’язаних із процесами нормування тих явищ, що виникають унаслідок динаміки мовної системи. Тут наголошується на тому, що нормотворчою діяльністю у сфері мовознавства повинні займатися як лінгвісти, так і фахівці суміжних наукових галузей, а також представники творчої інтелігенції.
This article offers the solutions to issues related to the process of normalization of the phenomena arising from the dynamics of language system. Understanding the language as a system and the ideas of its dynamics establishment, when there is an increase in language units and their relationship complication, has contributed to the development of some quite correct approaches to language standards and led to the search for new ways of the normalizing activity. But the codifiers still face the problems of finding such tolerant ways of solving the problems related to the dynamics of norms that are the evidence of the language development so that the new rules would not become a cause of cultural and language conflicts in society. Today not only linguists have observed that the linguistic change is so fast that codifiers sometimes lack time to fix certain innovations. The paper notes that the normalizing activity is impossible without the first phase: establishing the extent the codifiers are allowed to interfere with the action of the language living body so that their super-active “surgical” effects would not destroy the vitality of this extremely solid and soft body, which is the language. The author of the study assumes that the dynamic processes activation in the language system at the beginning of the 21st century and the contradiction of its units norming criteria in the near future will encourage the researchers to seek new methodologies and other approaches that are likely to be interdisciplinary. To avoid any excesses both in the axiological aspect and the extremes on dogmatic rules, obviously the normative activities in the linguistics field should be done by linguists with the participation of related scientific fields specialists, as well as the representatives of the intellectual intelligentsia.
мовна норма, приписова норма, соціальна норма, кодифікація, динаміка мовної системи, нормотворча діяльність, language norm, prescriptive norm, codification
Лучик Алла Анатоліївна. Динаміка мовної норми і проблеми кодифікації / Лучик А. А. // Магістеріум. - 2016. - Вип. 62 : Мовознавчі студії. - С. 51-55.