Структура формально-граматичної категорії предикативності

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Кобченко, Наталія
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У статті описано структуру формально-граматичної категорії предикативності, показано її ієрархійність. Обґрунтовано розташування грамем цієї категорії в ядерній, напів’ядерній, напівпериферійній та периферійній зонах.
Background: Predicativity as а formal-grammatical category is the syntactic connection between the subject and predicate. It builds the structure of a simple two-member sentence. In spite of some important researches in this sphere, there many theoretical problems, such as: 1) the forms of predicative connection and the occasions of its realization are not described completely; 2) there is no the whole set of the means of expressing the components combing by the predicative connection. Purpose: The purpose of the analysis is to prove the hierarchy of this formal-grammatical category and to show its grammamas’ arrangement in nuclear, semi-nuclear, semi-periphery and periphery zones. Results: The grammama of the single-predicative connection in the form of coordination that realizes on the level of simple sentence is in the nuclear zone, because of underivativeness of such constructions, morphologization their main sentence parts and the existence of formal means of connection. There is juxtaposition as a form of the single-predicative connection in the semi-nuclear zone, because of unmorphologization character of the main sentence parts. The semi-periphery zone consists of two grammamas of the double-predicative connection – properly doble-predicative connection and predicativecorrelative connection. Because these manifestations of predicative connection realize in the structure of derivative sentences. And there is the grammama of the predicative connection between the parts of complex sentence and the grammama of hypotaxis-predicative connection in the periphery zone. Discussions: The formal-grammatical category of predicativity has their own hierarchical structure. The perspective of our study is to research correlations between the formal-grammatical, semantic-syntactic and communicative aspects of the predicativity.
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Кобченко Наталя Віталіївна. Структура формально-граматичної категорії предикативності / Кобченко Н. В. // Наукові записки НаУКМА : Філологічні науки : (мовознавство). - 2016. - Т. 189. - С. 39-45.